Two members of an Argentinian band were injured when the stage collapsed during the closing act of a festival, according to a report.

Folk group Los Criollos was giving a live-streamed performance Saturday night in El Tarar when a metal structure broke, Argentinian outlet Clarín reported.

In a video, the musicians appear unaware that the structure was slowly collapsing as they played on stage.

Both singer Luis Villán and another member, Ivan Luna, were knocked to the ground by the stage apparatus.

“It was a terrible hit to the head that knocked me down,” Luna told local reporters, according to the Mirror.

Villán said that they then struggled to get an ambulance as the festival continued as planned.

“We were totally abandoned, a person had to take us to the hospital because there were no ambulances at the scene, nor security guards,” Villán told Clarín. “After what happened to us, they removed the pieces of metal and kept on with the festival as if nothing had happened.”

The nature of the musicians’ injuries isn’t known.

Villán released a statement following the performance-gone-wrong.

“At the moment I am only asking for your patience, we are in Pablo Soria doing tests and waiting for the doctors, we cannot say anything else, I hope you understand and thanks from the bottom of my heart for your concern,” he wrote on Facebook.