HOUSTON — Zack Greinke starts in Game 1 of the ALCS against the Yankees on Saturday. Friday the Astros right-hander looked like he would have rather been anywhere but in the interview room being asked questions.

Asked how much a long layoff affected him in the ALDS when he was rocked by the Rays in Game 3, Greinke said, “I don’t know.’’

How about what it means to start Game 1?

“I don’t know, just got to get ready to pitch,’’ Greinke said.

What is it like knowing you are close to getting to the World Series?

“A lot of good players, good baseball being played,’’ Greinke answered.

What type of challenges does the Yankees’ lineup present.

“A lot of good hitters. It’s tough[er] to get good hitters out than not as good hitters,’’ Greinke replied.