An Ohio field office for Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign was defaced with signs calling him an “OLIGARCH” and mocking his anti-crime efforts while mayor of New York City, according to a report Thursday.

The vandalism — which covered up smaller signs that say “I LIKE MIKE” — was discovered just hours before the campaign office was set to formally open in a Toldeo storefront, The Blade newspaper reported.

It followed Tuesday’s release of audio from a 2015 speech in which Bloomberg defended the NYPD’s controversial “stop and frisk” program and claimed that cops across the country could use a “Xerox” description of young minority males to identify murder suspects.

The billionaire media mogul publicly apologized for stop and frisk in November, shortly before launching his Democratic bid for the White House.

The pink signs were apparently plastered onto the windows of the former Chicago Title Insurance Co. building in downtown Toldeo overnight, The Blade said.

Photos show the signs also read read “broken windows, broken homes” and “a billion dollars for a billion collars” or arrests.

“Broken windows” is a theory of policing, championed by former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton and adopted by Bloomberg as mayor, that advocates cracking down on small crimes to prevent larger ones.

The reference to Bloomberg as an “oligarch” echoed an attack on Bloomberg earlier this week by a top aide to Vermont Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, who also accused Bloomberg of “trying to buy the White House.”

Bloomberg’s Toldeo campaign office, scheduled to open Thursday evening, is one of a dozen he plans for Ohio, a bellwether, battleground state where he’s also hired nearly 100 paid staffers, The Blade said.