Cops are searching for a strong-armed burglar who is feasting on Manhattan restaurants, police said Tuesday.

The crook has hit a total 13 different restaurants in Greenwich Village, Chelsea and Midtown since Nov. 19th, stealing more than $1,700 from cash registers, as well as nine computer tablets and three bottles of booze, police said.

The brutish bandit even sacked five different restaurants in 24 hours on Nov. 21st, first breaking into Vino Tapas Restaurant on 31st Street just before 1 a.m. and wrapping up his burglary binge about 10 minutes before midnight at Cafe Delectica on 3rd Avenue, cops said.

In each case, the unidentified thief either forced the front door with his bare hands, slammed the door open with his shoulders or kicked in the glass before raiding the cash register and swiping any electronics in sight, police said.