The Giants’ critics are growing louder, and popping up closer to home.

Former Giants linebacker Carl Banks, who helped bring Super Bowl titles to New York in the 1986 and 1990 seasons, sounded off on Twitter Monday while discussing the state of the team he began his NFL career with in 1984.

Banks is less than impressed with the 2-10 Giants, who are on the cusp of tying a franchise-record losing streak of nine consecutive games, and he wasn’t afraid to point fingers — with head coach Pat Shurmur seemingly drawing his frustration.

“The issue for me is how talent is developed within the scheme and how a scheme adapts to its talent,” wrote Banks, who is the color analyst for the team’s radio broadcasts.

“I currently see no cohesion, a lack of execution in basic zone concepts, glaring holes in man concepts, successful plays against a defense that fails to adjust.. my thoughts.

“A good talent without a play to maximize is a waste. Bad habits are formed when emphasis is not on a sound fundamental foundation. Too many explosive plays for me to say this is a sound scheme.. too many individual breakdowns to say fundamentals are emphasized.”

Shurmur is in his second season with the Giants, and his record is 7-21 after a 31-13 loss to the visiting Packers on Sunday. When asked by a fan if he thought the Giants’ tendency to fall apart was a result of mental breakdowns or poor coaching, Banks was frank.

“I assume both,” he said.

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