An ex-NYPD cop implicated in the Abner Louima assault case has landed a cushy, six-figure gig with the city as a NYCHA carpenter, according to a report Wednesday.

Charles Schwarz, who did five years in federal prison for perjury related to the notorious police brutality case, rakes in $356 per day, The City reported.

The disgraced cop started working for NYCHA as a maintenance worker in 2015 and has gone on to become a carpenter at $114,000 a year, the site said.

Schwarz was convicted of conspiring with other cops to sodomize Louima, a Haitian immigrant, with a broom handle inside Brooklyn’s 70th Precinct in 1997. But the rap was vacated in 2002 due to ineffective counsel. A second trial resulted in a deadlocked jury.

Schwarz sued Con Ed for firing him in 2014, when co-workers learned about his connection to the case. But an appeals court threw out that suit two years ago, finding that Schwarz was canned over a p.r. nightmare — and not for his conviction in the case.

The Staten Island resident, 54, served a five-year sentence for lying about leading Louima into a bathroom, where he was sexually assaulted with the broomstick by Officer Justin Volpe. Volpe, who pleaded guilty to the charges, is serving 30 years.

Schwarz “fully disclosed his criminal history prior to being hired and has thus far been an employee in good standing throughout his tenure at NYCHA,” agency spokewoman Barbara Brancaccio told The City in a statement.

“NYCHA stands behind fair hiring practices and the Fair Chance Act. With more than 11,000 employees, we have and will continue to hire formerly incarcerated persons who are qualified to perform their job duties while maintaining the safety of residents,” the statement said. “New Yorkers have made clear their unwavering support for criminal justice reform and individual rehabilitation during and post-incarceration.”