Comedian John Mulaney is trashing Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The “Big Mouth” funnyman posted a series of Instagram stories knocking Hizzoner — pointing to an overturned trash can while insisting he would do a better job.

“This is the change DeBlasio promised?” Mulaney asked in the post Saturday, looking indignant as he pointed to the can that had been knocked into the road.

“Vote for me for mayor,” he wrote next to a photo taken by his wife, Anna.

“I’d like to run against him because all my jokes are based on him,” he said in another video on his short-lived stories.

“I have two super good ideas for running for mayor commercials,” he said in another. “One of them is not really a commercial, it’s just a slogan. And then one is a full commercial that I think would work,” he said, but never elaborated, leaving fans hanging as to what he actually had in store.

He also joked about having “20/20 vision” and his love for glasses that block blue light from phones and computers, calling it part of his “mayoral platform.”