Long Island mom Diana Berrent, 45, has been quarantining herself in a room at her Port Washington home since she first came down with symptoms of coronavirus. Today, she takes us through what people should do to prepare for a “quarantine prison” in the event that they have to isolate themselves in a room away from other members of their household.

After yesterday’s rather grim post, I’m having a good day today. I’ve even taken several deep breaths that didn’t send me into a coughing fit (and another couple that did, but this is a journey).

My stomach still hurts and I haven’t had much of an appetite since I first got sick. I’ve lost 10 pounds so far but have every intention of packing it back on as soon as I can.

I’m still tired and I have aches that come and go. And the headache. Ahhh…. The headache! It won’t go away but can at least be controlled by a steady stream of Tylenol. Which, for the record, has been the only medicine I’ve taken. Tylenol and fluids. That’s it.

I know there’s a lot of talk about novel therapies for those who are sickest but for the majority who will recover in self-isolation, that’s all you need. Steam showers help, and Vicks Vapo Rub never hurts. But I haven’t taken anything over-the-counter other than to calm my nerves, which have been frazzled to say the least.

While most of America is getting used to being under quarantine with shelter-in-place orders given in both California and New York, if you feel any symptom at all it is advised that you self-isolate in one room of your house and use only one bathroom that no one else goes in or out of.

I’m on my tenth day of self-isolation and will remain through April 1 at the earliest, as I continue to monitor the ever-changing guidelines on when it is safe to be released.

The self-isolation is really not that bad, and with the addition of a mini-fridge and an electric kettle you can really be pretty self-sufficient, which is the goal, because you want to minimize any exposure you have with anyone during this time.

Help a local business and order in a meal kit just for you so you don’t have to be at the mercy of your family every time you are hungry or thirsty.

Take advantage of all those movie channels being offered for free. Fill out your census. Write a love letter to Gov. Cuomo or Dr. Fauci. Whatever gets you through and keep you smiling.

The moms in my town have been keeping each other laughing by wearing their wedding dresses under lockdown and posting photos to our town Facebook page, so if you see me doing a post later this week in my wedding gown, you’ll know why. We need to do whatever we can to keep our heads up during these frightening times.