The daughter of one of the homeless men brutally murdered in last weekend’s Chinatown rampage recalled the heartbreaking moments she learned her father was killed.

Maria Guadalupe Vazquez Cruz, 32, said during a vigil in Kimlau Square on Tuesday night that she was shopping in Brooklyn on Saturday when a detective called to break the news that her father, Nazario A. Vazquez Villegas, 54, was killed.

“[The detective] said he’s dead. They killed him last night,” said Cruz through tears. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Cruz described her dad as “a good person. A marvelous person,” who “fell on hard times.”

She said she plans to attend the court hearings of vagrant Randy Santos, 24, who confessed to bludgeoning four men to death — and critically injuring another — early Saturday with a piece of construction medal.

All of the victims were asleep when Santos allegedly struck.

“I want to be there when he gets sentenced,” Cruz said. “I don’t want them to say he’s crazy. I want justice.”

Tuesday’s vigil was hosted by advocacy group Coalition for the Homeless and several city council members.

They called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to provide more affordable housing to help address homelessness in the city.

Additional reporting by Kenneth Garger