Albuquerque International Balloon Festival drew more than 100 hot air balloons over the weekend. There hasn’t been that much hot air released at the same time since Mike Francesa’s phony farewell tour. Francesa only knows the festival by the name Al Albuquerque. Empire State Building recently celebrated the “Friends” 25th anniversary with a light show. Sunday night it was lit in the sorriest shade of dark green in memory of the 2019 New York Jets.

Nationals split with the Dodgers in Los Angeles. They play Game 4 in D.C. on Monday. L.A.’s Rich Hill has been battling a left knee injury and the Dodgers are hoping he gives them three or four quality innings. Allowed one run over his past 5 ²/₃ in three limited starts. Nats go with Max Scherzer. Brewers crushed him for two home runs in the wild-card game before his team bailed him out. Came in unexpectedly in Game 2 to pitch a flawless inning to help the Nats win. Dodgers are superior team, but we will play the Nats for 10 units. And you thought that woman dancing with the lions in the Bronx Zoo was crazy.

Pitchers’ duel between Adam Wainwright and Mike Soroka left the Cards up 1-0. Braves scored three runs in the ninth off Carlos Martinez and won 3-1. Our 5-1 record in the postseason has reduced our debt to -485 hankaarons.