Some of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims will urge a judge to keep his former lover, Ghislaine Maxwell, locked up pending trial as an alleged accomplice in his infamous pedophilia scheme, according to court papers filed Monday.

In addition, the “strong evidence” against Maxwell could soon get “even stronger” — with the help of additional witnesses who came forward following her arrest, prosecutors wrote.

The Manhattan federal court filing says that a lawyer for one of Epstein’s victims has already asked prosecutors to tell Judge Alison Nathan that “their client opposes bail for the defendant.”

“The Government also expects that one or more victims will exercise their right to be heard at the July 14, 2020 hearing in this matter, and will urge the Court not to grant bail,” prosecutors wrote.

Meanwhile, the FBI and the Manhattan US Attorney’s Office “have been in contact with additional individuals who have expressed a willingness to provide information regarding the defendant,” court papers say.

Tuesday’s hearing will be conducted by videoconference, with about 60 members of the news media and the public allowed to watch and listen to the feed in the central jury room of the federal courthouse at 500 Pearl St.

Maxwell, 58, is accused of having “groomed” girls as young as 14 to be sexually abused by Epstein, who hanged himself in a Manhattan lockup following his arrest on related charges last year.

Maxwell was busted earlier this month on six felony charges — including conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts — while hiding out in a secluded mansion on a sprawling New Hampshire estate.

The disgraced British socialite is seeking to be released on $5 million bond and claims she was merely seeking refuge “from unrelenting and intrusive media coverage, threats, and irreparable reputational harm.”