A 55-year-old felon has used loose bail laws to terrorize Big Apple residents with a three borough crime-spree in which he was arrested 19 times and repeatedly released, The Post has learned.

Frank Pagan, who is a registered sex offender, has since early April been busted in Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island for everything from auto theft to threatening to shoot his wife — but is still walking free, police sources said.

Most recently, Pagan drove away Tuesday in a $50,000 Maserati that was left running on E. 87th Street, according to a criminal complaint.

Cops quickly caught him a few blocks away and arrested him — only to see him let go a day later, court records show.

A month prior, the ex-con — who has lifetime record 10 felony and nine misdemeanor convictions —  was arrested after threatening his wife in Staten Island, according to authorities.

Pagan appears in mugshots from 2017 (left) and 2015
Pagan appears in mugshots from 2017 (left) and 2015.NYPD

“I will burn your house down, I got grenades, and I got shotguns, I’m going to shoot you in the head,” Pagan said in a voicemail on April 21, the criminal complaint reads.

The court issued an order of protection — but Pagan broke that on May 14 and was arrested again.

Both times he was let go, court records show.

Since his first arrest during the pandemic on April 8, Pagan was released on his own recognizance 12 times, given a desk appearance ticket in four arrests and the DA deferred prosecution in three others, sources said.

Fifteen of those crimes were felonies and five were misdemeanors, but all were non-bail eligible charges under the criminal justice reforms that were enacted in January of this year.

Pagan is seen in 2013 (left) and 2011.
Pagan is seen in 2013 (left) and 2011.NYPD

In another brazen disregard for the criminal justice system on April 30, within hours of being cut free on a car theft charge, Pagan stole a moped in The Bronx, according to sources.

But when cops caught up to him, he was riding another motorcycle that he boosted back in September 2019, sources said.

He was arrested and charged with grand larceny auto in both cases, records show.

In nine other criminal cases in the Bronx, where Pagan lives, the ex-con faces a slew of charges, including burglary, burglar tools, grand larceny auto, petit larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and filing two false police reports, court records show.

He’s not due in court again on those charges until August, records show.

Pagan could not be reached for comment. The Legal Aid, which represents Pagan in a number of cases, declined to comment. Calls to his other defense attorneys were not returned.

Pagan was forced to register as a sex offender in September of 2001 after raping a 19-year-old woman, state records show. He was sentenced to 18 to 36 months in state prison, records show.