Former US Rep. Duncan Hunter was sentenced to 11 months in federal prison on Tuesday for illegally using campaign cash to cover bar tabs and fund extravagant vacations and ski trips with his mistresses.

Hunter, a Republican who served in a congressional district near San Diego, pleaded guilty last year to a conspiracy charge for swiping about $250,000 in campaign cash.

Hunter’s wife Margaret, who served as his campaign manager, also pleaded guilty to stealing from his campaign coffers and faces up to five years in prison.

Hunter, who prosecutors said was “virtually penniless,” used campaign credit cards to have extramarital affairs with women, charging Uber rides to houses of five separate women he allegedly had “intimate relationships” with, prosecutors charged.

He also financed a ski trip to Lake Tahoe with one of his mistresses and rang up hundreds of dollars in tequila shots. Other expenditures include airfare and stays at resorts, prosecutors said.

His wife, meanwhile, charged day-to-day expenses like groceries to the campaign cards for nearly a decade.

Hunter fought his case at first, arguing a “deep-state” plot was out to damage him. He resigned from congress in 2020.

“Our very democracy is at risk when a criminal like Hunter weaponize the tropes of fake news and conspiracy theories,” prosecutors wrote in court documents, urging him to be locked up.

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