The Jets got some good news from the doctors Tuesday about quarterback Sam Darnold. Now, they need to hear some about linebacker C.J. Mosley and his injured groin.

Darnold’s absence has overshadowed everything in Jets land, but the team has also missed Mosley greatly. Neville Hewitt and Blake Cashman have done a fine job of filling in, but there is a play or two a game where the inexperienced players have made a mistake and it has cost the Jets.

Mosley’s value cannot be overstated. It was clear in the first three quarters of the Week 1 game against the Bills. Mosley was everywhere that day and then when he injured his groin, the team fell apart.

The hope was Mosley would only miss two games, but his groin has not gotten better as fast as he and the Jets hoped. Mosley sounded pessimistic last week when he spoke to reporters. He said he has not been able to cut yet and doctors had not let him fully test the injury.

On Monday, coach Adam Gase said Mosley is “close” but then said he’s not sure how close. Gase was unsure if Mosley could practice Wednesday.

The Jets defense has played pretty well, but the longer Mosley is out the more likely mistakes are for Gang Green. They got their quarterback back on Tuesday. Now, they need their defensive quarterback back.