According to an industry official, it does not appear new Knicks forward Marcus Morris will receive a suspension after his Flagrant 2 ejection in Monday’s preseason opener for batting a ball in the face of Wizards forward Justin Anderson.

Hence the Knicks’ new starting small forward is primed for his date in San Antonio for the season opener Oct 23. The game has intrigue since Morris reneged on a Spurs deal in July.

All Flagrant 2’s are reviewed by the NBA to determine if a suspension is warranted. The league apparently decided Morris’ maneuvers were without intent to harm.

With the ball, Morris first swung his elbows to get room, nearly clicking Anderson in the jaw. Then Morris bashed the ball against Anderson’s head. Anderson was not injured.

Morris said he was provoked by something Anderson said to him. The new Knick said he would not have done what he did if it was a regular season game. Morris did not know a suspension would count for a regular season contest and said he was “unprofessional.”