There is a good chance we don’t see baseball until June or July, but the “Amazin’ But True” podcast continues with former Mets pitcher Nelson Figueroa and me.

We open the show talking about coronavirus and its impact on baseball. When could the season start? Is it tough to pitch in a stadium without fans? Are pitchers at risk for injury if they aren’t keeping their arms fresh? We also look back to 9/11. Figgie, who was a pitcher for the Phillies at the time, shares how that day and week went for him. We also give out the results from last week’s poll question about the Mets closer, and for this week, we ask what people are doing during these days without sports.

Former Mets pitcher John Franco, one of the great closers ever, then joins the show. Franco talks about the delay to the baseball season, 9/11 and what Mike Piazza’s home run in the first game back meant for the city, and what he thinks of the current team and ownership. Franco sheds some light on how he was able to pitch for 21 seasons and what some players are doing wrong today in the offseason. Franco also says because he’s older, he’s more Brooklyn than Figgie.

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