A 22-year-old man made the world wince after revealing that a 3-inch pair of tweezers was lodged in his urethra for four years.

The man, who has chosen to go unnamed, visited a clinic in Saudi Arabia where he disclosed that he inserted tweezers into his member four years ago, reports the Daily Mail.

An X-ray revealed the foreign object was lodged lengthwise in the patient’s urethra, with the tips embedded in the flesh. The cringe-inducing case was such an anomaly that the team of doctors documented it, with a write-up in medical journal Urology Case Reports by Dr. Mohamed Abouelazayem of England’s Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

His ailment sounded highly unusual, doctors noted, especially as he hadn’t experienced the fevers, chills or other urological symptoms associated with the condition.

According to the report, doctors were forced to squeeze the man’s penis using the “external pressure technique” in order to close the tweezers and prevent them from ripping his urethra. Afterward, they sent the man home with the recommendation that he undergoes a psychiatric evaluation, which he refused.

The report says this case marks the second time that “open thumb metal forceps” were discovered in a male urethra.

Doctors haven’t determined why the man intentionally shoved tweezers in his nether regions, although the report explains he could have been engaging in “sounding,” the insertion of foreign objects into one’s orifices for sexual gratification.

“The most common reason for self-insertion of a foreign body into the male urethra is for autoerotic and sexual gratification, especially during masturbation,” the report reads.

Patients often delay medical help, the report explains, due to guilt and embarrassment.

Last year, an Indian boy made headlines after doctors found a pen tip stuck inside his penis, which caused several urinary tract infections.