An Indiana man was reportedly arrested for sending a video of himself strangling a cat to his fiancée’s ex because he suspected the two were still romantically involved.

“You think I am f—ing around,” Zackary Nichols, 29, allegedly said in a video that he sent Sunday to his fiancee’s ex, which showed his hand wrapped around the neck of the feline, according to arrest records obtained by The Evansville Courier Press.

“You really think I am f—ing around. I’ll f—ing murder this godamn cat. F–k you, you little b–ch,” he continued in he recording, which was sent via text.

The video then shows the cat being slammed onto a couch, the report said.

Nichols’ outburst was allegedly precipitated by his suspicion that his fiancée had cheated on him with her ex.

“Because she cheated on me with you the cats are no longer alive,” Nichols’ texted the man before sending the footage.

The man admitted to cops that he has kids with Nichols’ fiancée, but denied they’re still seeing each other.

Nichols allegedly copped to abusing the cat to cops, but told them he assumed he couldn’t be arrested since the cat was unharmed.

Animal Control took the cat, but it’s unclear what condition the animal is in, the report said.

There were six other cats in the house that were handed over to Nichols’ fiancée.

Nichols was charged with animal cruelty and released on $100 bond.