Don’t expect another “Mike & the Mad Dog” reunion.

Tensions between Mike Francesa and Chris Russo have reached significant levels after a back-and-forth through the media this past week. Russo told Sports Broadcast Journal that Francesa “never should have come back” in what most have viewed as a failed two-year return to WFAN after a brief retirement.

Francesa responded on Tuesday in a lengthy Newsday story reflecting on his comeback.

“If you notice, Dog spent a lot of time opining on my career in the last 10 years; I’ve never once given an opinion about his — not once. It’s something he spends a lot of time doing,” Francesa said.

“I think it’s fair to say that I’ve lived my solo life in a very, very public, very, very open place and he’s lived his in a very quiet place, where you don’t see much of him or hear much of him.”

The popular afternoon duo split in 2008 with Russo moving to SiriusXM to launch Mad Dog Radio. Francesa stayed at WFAN and ran a solo show until he opted to leave the airwaves at the end of 2017.

During that time, the two occasionally appeared on each other’s shows and it culminated in a celebrated Radio City reunion show in March 2016. The two have not spoken, though, since Francesa returned to WFAN. After that decision, Russo almost immediately hinted the return was not wise. Mad Dog’s strongest comments came last week.

“He should have stayed retired,” Russo told Sports Broadcast Journal. “He had a great run and developed a great legacy. Those last couple of weeks before his first retirement were memorable and wonderful. He had an amazing sendoff. Three months later he was back. The whole return was crazy. No one expected it.”

As The Post’s Andrew Marchand has reported, Francesa’s latest exit from his afternoon slot has led to chaos at WFAN and parent company Entercom as they have yet to lock down a lineup with his final show coming Friday.