Two teen boys were arrested in connection with the exhumation and possible sexual abuse of a granny’s corpse in the Philippines, according to reports.

The dead woman, identified as 84-year-old Isabel Bastatas, had been buried at Digos City Public Cemetery in Digos City on Sept. 28, Philippines Lifestyle News reported.

Relatives of the woman found her lifeless body – naked and no longer wearing underwear — lying outside her grave the next day, according to the news outlet. The legs of the corpse were even crossed.

Family of the grandmother believed that the woman’s body was raped, and reported the incident to police.

Last week, two teens were arrested in connection to the disturbing matter after they were fingered by a witness as the ones who exhumed the body, The Filipino Times reported.

Digos Police chief Lt. Ernesto Castillo said that the two teen suspects may have believed that valuables were buried with the woman’s body, according to the news outlet.

Police could not immediately determine whether the body had been sexually abused.

The teens had initially admitted to abusing the corpse, but later recanted, according to The Filipino Times, which reported that one of the minors claimed they were forced by police to cop to the allegations against them.

The news outlet also reported that Digos City Mayor Josef Cagas ordered to have the two teens undergo a reformation program.

Meanwhile, Bastatas’ relatives plan on filing charges against the parents of the teens, according to the report.