A partially blind climate activist was busted Thursday afternoon at a London airport for clambering atop a British Airways plane, the Evening Standard reported.

The protester — London 2012 paracycling bronze medal winner James Brown —  mounted the Amsterdam-bound plane, then refused to get down, as part of the group Extinction Rebellion’s climate-change demonstrations, the outlet reported.

In a live-streamed video posted on Facebook, Brown told followers that protest was “for my kids, for everybody’s kids, for all the young people who face a horrendous future.”

“I’m on top of a f—king airplane at City Airport!” he said in the video. “I hate heights, I’m s–ting myself. I managed to get on the roof.”

Brown was lying on the plane’s roof for more than an hour before he was escorted away by police around 2 p.m., the Evening Standard reported.

It’s unclear what charges Brown, who competed for Ireland in the 2012 Games, faces in connection to the incident.

The British-based activist group has wreaked havoc this week with stunts in Paris, Berlin and other cities around the world.

The group which blames methane-filled cow farts for contributing to global warming doused lower Manhattan’s “Charging Bull” statue with fake blood on Monday.