WASHINGTON — A House committee will be established to oversee the roll-out of the historic $2 trillion coronavirus bailout, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday.

The House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis will be chaired by Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) and will ensure that the aid package, the largest in US history, makes its way to families in need and isn’t exploited by scam artists looking to get rich off the pandemic.

The body would also have subpoena powers, with Pelosi telling journalists on a conference call that reports had already emerged of people pretending they had masks, presumably for financial gain.

“We have no higher priority than to make sure that the money goes to working families,” she said, adding that the committee would also protect against “price gouging and political favoritism.”

“It’s not about an investigation of the administration. We want to make sure there are not exploiters out there,” Pelosi insisted Thursday. “Where there’s money, there’s also frequently mischief.”

“The committee should be acting before the act to protect a lot of waste, fraud and abuse. That doesn’t just apply to the government, it should be the private sector as well.”

The body, which will consist of both Republicans and Democrats, will also ensure the federal response is based “on the best possible science,” the House leader added.