A Queens woman who survived years of sex trafficking says she’s facing homelessness because the city Housing Authority doesn’t believe she’s a victim.

Crystal Snyder, 33, escaped a lifetime of abuse, heroin and prostitution, fleeing pimp Rodney Fequiere, entering rehab in 2012 and eventually landing a job, she claims in court papers.

Raped by her prostitute mother’s drug dealer when she was just 3, Snyder’s long history of victimization included physical and sexual abuse in more than 50 foster homes before she struck out on her own as a teenager and was sex trafficked, according to court papers. She became a prostitute at the hands of “numerous” pimps, including Fequiere, who Snyder claims pimped her out until the day she gave birth to her eldest child.

Finally free of him, Snyder and her two young kids by Fequiere moved into the Ravenswood Houses in 2014, where she says she’s been a “model tenant.”

The feds arrested Snyder the following year, accusing her of helping Fequiere recruit other young women into sex work at the behest of Fequiere in the years before she fled.

The pimp was eventually convicted and slapped with a 10-year prison sentence, while Snyder was sentenced to time served, supervised release, and required to register for life as a Level 2 sex offender.

Snyder successfully appealed and was removed from the sex-offender registry. But the case landed her on NYCHA’s radar, with the agency insisting the mom be booted from her apartment.

Snyder was an “indicted co-conspirator” whose conviction “should not be ignored or taken lightly,” the agency argued to a hearing officer, who sided with NYCHA in October.

The eviction “deeply offends fundamental notions of justice and fairness,” Snyder argues in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit seeking to overturn NYCHA’s decision.

NYCHA said it is reviewing Snyder’s case and declined further comment.