This in-flight foot infraction is plane disgusting.

An uncouth airplane passenger revolted her fellow travelers after resting her bare feet up against the windows while lying across two seats, as seen in a now-viral video.

The clip — posted to Instagram page @PassengerShaming three days ago — depicts the unidentified flyer propping her naked soles against the shuttered windows while taking up two seats. The video is cheekily captioned “First class” in reference to the fact that the indecent act occurred in the supposedly genteel business section.

Needless to say, the footy flight-mare went viral, racking up nearly 300,000 views and prompting cries of disgust from other travelers.

“I feel like I can smell this photo,” wrote one grossed-out ‘Grammer.

“Why is there not an airline RULE: ‘NO BARE FEET’ like there is at restaurants?” wondered another.

However, one poster sympathized with the passenger’s actions, writing, “She paid for the seat she can do what she likes not hurting anyone and probably exhausted.”

This isn’t the first foot-related transgression to occur on an airplane. Last month, an air barbarian elicited online disgust after using a plane vent as their personal shoe dryer. In November, another passenger went viral after dangling their dirty soles above their fellow traveler’s headrest.

The aghast videographer reacts to the transgression.
The aghast videographer reacts to the transgression.@titodocity via Passenger Shamin