Book ’em!

Corrections officers at Rikers Island have taken to arresting visitors coming in with books — claiming the novels are being used to sneak in synthetic marijuana, according to a new lawsuit.

“The City of New York and a group of its Correction Officers at Rikers Island have embarked on a campaign of arresting visitors who bring books to Rikers Island,” reads the class action lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.

Kathy Camacho, Justine Rodriguez, Derick Mason, Nicole Fludd, and Cynthia Neat all claim they were arrested and slapped with charges simply for bringing something to read or a gift along to the notorious lock-up.

“In all cases, Defendant Correction Officers (hereinafter the “Individual Defendants”) assumed, with no cause whatsoever, that the books contained synthetic marijuana, or ‘K2,’ and branded these innocent visitors as drug smugglers,” according to the complaint.

Between September 2018 and March 2019, multiple corrections officers on Rikers allegedly insisted that the plaintiffs had soaked the pages of their reading materials — include a Quran and a book of crossword puzzles — in K2.

Charges were dropped in all cases, yet the bookworms were barred from visiting their loved ones for six months to a year as their cases played out, the court papers read.

“Even after their criminal charges were dropped, Plaintiffs continued to be punished for crimes they did not commit,” the complaint says.

“Making matters worse, their loved ones were punished as well. The inmates who were being visited at the time of these arrests were all banned from future contact visits — all because a friend or loved one came to visit them with a book in hand.”

The lawsuit is seeking to bar Rikers from continuing this “unlawful pattern.”

The city’s law department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.