Millionaire teen Jack Bloomfield started his first business when he was just 12 and has shared his tips for starting a successful business in your spare time.

Bloomfield, 17, who lives in Australia, started out by launching an online gift card company and a medical data website.

He claims to have earned millions from his five e-commerce sites where he sells trending products bulk-bought from places like China and South Korea.

As well as being a successful entrepreneur who generates millions in revenue in his spare time, Jack is still a student in his final year of high school.

He also runs online courses via his website with tips and advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Those courses are paid, but thankfully Jack has shared some of his top tips for business success in a recent blog post.

He wrote on LinkedIn: “It is my honest belief that if a 15-year-old with just $500 and the internet can start a business, anyone with a will can too whether you are 12 or 56.”

Jack Bloomfield
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The millionaire, who lives in Brisbane, wrote about his experience of launching a “side hustle” while still studying at school.

He added: “The internet has made launching a business, and sharing your product or service with the country, and the world, easier and cheaper than it has ever been before.”

Bloomfield previously told that he’s on a mission to make entrepreneurship cool and inspire other kids.

He said: “It’s on the same level as rapping and sports stars — but at the same time, no one really talks about it.”

The young businessman believes if other kids see him out there being successful then it will help inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Bloomfield has previously given a TedX talk on how understanding online income can empower your life.