It’s no secret that we’re a coffee– and wine-obsessed society. Ain’t no shame in our game.

The thing is, these beverages can really do a number on your pearly whites – especially after years of drinking them. Luckily, there are ways you can revive them back to their former glory. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t dare suggest you ditch your morning cup of joe. We’re talking about teeth-whitening treatments.

You could make an appointment with your dentist for a whitening treatment, but it can cost hundreds of dollars and you’ll have to suffer through a dentist trip. Hard pass. At-home teeth whitening products are more affordable, but often they just give you extreme discomfort or don’t work. NUOVAWHITE is looking to change all that.

These kits by NUOVAWHITE allow you to skip the dentist trip and whiten your teeth from your couch safely with instant gratification. Better yet, they’re on sale!

NUOVAWHITE Professional LED Teeth Whitening System

The NUOVAWHITE Professional LED Teeth Whitening System uses a cruelty-free whitening gel that when combined with the innovative blue LED lights, provides a whitening experience that rivals a professional dentist visit. You’ll notice whiter teeth after just one use, but there’s enough gel to last you up to 25 times. So, you can keep on drinking your wine without worry. Oh, and each time you use the NUOVAWHITE system, your tooth enamel is strengthened, revitalized, and desensitized. Take that, whitening strips!

The full whitening system includes whitener 12% hydrogen peroxide gel, a 10ML syringe, two custom-fit mouth trays, a brush tip applicator pen, and an easy-to-use LED light. Get the lot now for just $19.

NUOVAWHITE True Teeth Whitening System For Two

Want to share your whitening experience with a friend? Pick up the NUOVAWHITE True Teeth Whitening System for Two. You’ll get double of everything – two sets of custom trays, two blue LED accelerator lights and two sets of FDA-compliant hydrogen peroxide whitening syringes.

Better yet, you can get all of this for just $24 – 90% off the retail value of $249 – and have a teeth-whitening date with your buds.

NUOVAWHITE Charcoal Teeth Whitening System: 2-Person Pack

In case you’re out of the loop, charcoal is one of those magical ingredients that seem to have billions of uses. You can use it to draw out dirt from your skin (charcoal masks), purify water, increase your kidney function, and yes, even whiten those bones in your jaw. Like NUOVAWHITE’s other whitening packages, this Charcoal-based system is cruelty-free, FDA-compliant, and gives you a brighter smile after just one treatment. Good for two people, you’ll get 20 to 25 dentist-quality treatments that are clinically proven to restore and strengthen your tooth enamel.

The Charcoal Teeth Whitening System comes with two sets of custom trays, two blue LED accelerator lights, and two FDA-compliant charcoal teeth whitening gel syringes. Worth $260, you can snag this for you and a friend for just $28.

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