When it comes to parties, Staten Islander Cindy Johnson has always been the game-night queen. So when lockdown hit, the 53-year-old knew she needed to find a way to bring bingo to her Graniteville neighbors.

A few weeks ago, my sister was saying, “I wish we could do something for the community to get everybody out.” And I was like, “Actually, we can!”

I already had about 15 bingo cards at home and we figured all our neighbors could sit outside their townhouses, at least six feet apart, to play on our block.

Seven neighbors joined us and brought out their tables, chairs, pennies and cocktails to set up. Everyone chipped in five dollars for three games of bingo.

I use a bullhorn to call out the numbers, and everybody has had such a great time just being silly. It really seemed to especially help the people who live by themselves to feel normal again.

— As told to Melkorka Licea

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