“I’m not crying, you’re crying!” was industry vet Cartagena’s reaction to watching Google’s “Loretta.”

The search engine giant tugged at heartstrings with a “beautiful, simple [and] very well-told” story of an elderly man using the little-known Google Assistant feature to help him remember his late wife, Loretta.

Set to instrumental music, the 85-year-old widower’s voice is heard asking Google to “show me photos of me and Loretta together” as a slideshow of images appears.

Google aids him recalling everything from Loretta’s, favorite movie (“Casablanca”) to her favorite flowers (tulips) and how she told him, “don’t miss me too much, and get out of the dang house.”

“While the default mode for Super Bowl is to try and make us laugh, Google once again reminds us that even a technology behemoth can connect on an emotional level,” said Chris Graves, chief creative officer at Team One.

The ad also helps to make technology seem more approachable.

“At a time when many Americans are suspicious of technology, this commercial helps to humanize it and give it a heart,” said Jennifer DaSilva, president at Berlin Cameron.

Still, with the tech giant already being known for its tearjerker ads, this spot, based on a Google employee’s relative, didn’t break any barriers, our experts said.

But it’s simplicity made it something anyone with a heart can connect with.

Grade: 3/4