Dead, this meme is.

The beloved Baby Yoda internet frenzy has officially jumped the Sarlacc, as Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted a photo of the adorable alien in response to a Twitter prediction that he would kill the meme.

The dominoes started to fall Monday night when Nitz Bluv, who covers the NBA for The Athletic, predicted the downfall of the breakout star of “The Mandalorian” spinoff series.

“We’re one corny politician away from Baby Yoda being ruined,” tweeted Bluv. “Keep that meme away from them.”

Duncan Smith, who covers the Detroit Pistons for Forbes, placed his bet a few hours later in a reply to Bluv’s tweet.

“It’s going to be Ted Cruz and I’m furious just thinking about it,” wrote Smith.

Despite not being tagged in the tweet, the Texas Republican picked up on the prediction, and Tuesday morning tweeted an uncaptioned photo of Baby Yoda in response to Smith’s message.

Cruz — who’s turning into a Jedi Master of Twitter trolling — amassed thousands of retweets and tens of thousands of likes for rocketing the already exploding meme firmly into the mainstream.

Bluv and Smith offered joking responses of their own as Cruz’s tweet took off.

“You did this. Are you proud,” Bluv wrote to Smith.

“Well… I was right,” wrote Smith.