Cheapskates at the bar like to get their money’s worth by daintily nursing cocktails. No such ploy is necessary when imbibing at Open Concept, a drinking spot that recently debuted in St. Louis, Missouri.

The liver-loathing setup lets patrons pay $10 per hour to drink all that they can put away.

Just don’t expect to be swilling 20-year-old Macallan and the like, says owner Michael Butler, a local government employee who was inspired by political fund-raisers to open the bar.

The offerings include boxed wine mainstay Franzia, and judging by price and volume, would go for about 60-cents per glass if you bought the stuff retail, reports Vice. They’ll also be pouring draft beer along with batch-mixed cocktails, Butler tells St. Louis magazine.

Nevertheless, those hoping to net a cheap cost-per-drink (there is a $20 option where you can drink booze poured directly from a bottle) will likely run up against a deterrent: St. Louis mag reports on “a proprietary point-of-sale system that will track consumption.”

Apparently, according to Butler, it involves calculating patrons’ body size and figuring out how much alcohol they can handle.

And what about those who figure out how to game the system and get more inebriated than Open Concept would like? They figured that out, too.

“When we see people becoming visibly intoxicated, we then serve them Pedialyte,” Butler tells the Takeout. “Most people, once they’ve been drinking, just want something fruity and tasty. So we can serve them that Pedialyte and say, ‘Hey, you need to slow down.’ ”

Maybe that flies in St. Louis, but it’s less likely to work in the New York area where, for example, Jessica Hayes allegedly got drunk, led cops on a high speed chase and then bit the leg of an arresting officer. We doubt she would have accepted a dram of “fruity and tasty” Pedialyte.