‘Tis the season for a good scare, y’all. With Halloween just weeks away, there’s no better time to queue up the horror flicks, put on a costume, and indulge in all things spooky. Wanna take things a bit further? Grab yourself one of these Bloody Bath Mats and turn your bathroom into a gory crime scene.

Don’t worry, it’s not as messy as you think. From the looks of it, it’s just your run-of-the-mill white bath mat. However, it secretly features a thin color-changing prank sheet that transforms your wet footprints into blood stains. It’s the perfect addition to your Halloween decor and makes for a playfully eerie prank when friends and family stay over. Imagine their shock as they leave a trail of bloodstains out of the shower like an episode of Criminal Minds. Bonus points if you manage to keep a straight face as they scream. As it dries, the blood disappears and goes back to looking like your regular harmless bath mat.

Heck, you can even leave this mat out year-round to randomly spook your friends or pretend you’re in a horror flick. We won’t judge.

Get ready for the spooky season and grab this Bloody Bath Mat while it’s on sale. You can get it in a regular 16.5″ x 39.3″ size for just $15 or the large 25.5″ x 39.3″ size for $20 right now.

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