They’re bugging!

A Manhattan man heads a class-action suit against the Mississippi makers of Spartan Mosquito Eradicator, claiming their product’s promise to slay skeeters doesn’t fly.

In the summer of 2018, plaintiff Todd Consolazio dropped $20 at a local Lowe’s store for the do-it-yourself hanging tube, with the instructions, “just add warm water and shake.” The pest potion of sugar, salt and yeast promises to eliminate “your mosquito population for up to 90 days,” the Manhattan federal court suit says.

“The devices purport to attract mosquitoes to drink their four-ingredient solution which supposedly kills the mosquitoes before they can breed,” the complaint says, adding, “defendants have sold tens of millions of dollars’ worth of the product through their false promises of effectiveness to consumers in the United States.”

The device is “a complete scam,” the suit alleges, adding that if “defendants’ claim of having solved one of mankind’s most vexing problems and greatest health challenges using just sugar, salt, and yeast sounds too good be true, that is because it is.”

The May 4 suit, which charges false and deceptive advertising, seeks more than $5 million in damages and for the company to qualify the promised results.

Spartan Founder Jeremy Hirsch could not be immediately reached for comment.