Big red
Swap time zones the smart way, with a bold watch that evokes the Land of the Rising Sun. Nab one before the clock runs out — only 500 were made.

“Runway” limited-edition smartwatch, $495 at Macy’s

Smooth operator
Make any airport restroom your personal salon with this cordless flat-iron, which boasts a rechargeable USB cable and dual voltage.

“Rouge” flat-iron, $50 at Kiss

Feet off the ground
Even if you’re squished into the middle seat, these cozy, micro-fleece knit puppies (with no-skid bottoms) will have you feeling first class.

Slippers, $38 at Verloop Knits

Hello Harajuku
The Japanese fully embrace cuteness, so you’ll look like a local with this big-eyed kabuki case, which opens to reveal Alice + Olivia’s signature lining of black-and-white stripes.

Alice + Olivia x Steamline hatbox, $450 at Steamline Luggage

On the case
This cheeky gift will entertain your fellow fashionable travelers in the “security” line.

Off-White “For Passport” holder, $250 at Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave.

Light fantastic
Get that holiday glow with “Suki Sushi,” a “ricelight” that brings the warm
feeling of home (and your favorite sushi joint) to any hotel room.

“Suki Sushi” light, $16 at Smoko Now

Roam on
Completely customize your luggage — from zippers to dual-colored sides — and you’ll never go back to black again.

Roam “The Jaunt” suitcase, $450 at Bloomingdale’s, 1000 Third Ave.

Turning Japanese
Take a page from this compendium of all the things that make Japanese culture so cool — from Shinto monks to J-Pop megastars.

“Be More Japan” book by DK Eyewitness, $20 at Barnes & Noble 

Give ’em the boot
The big H has made a superluxe version of the sneaker-boot, perfect for pounding the pavement in your favorite destination.  

“Via” knit and calfskin sneakers, $1,025 at Hermes

Lounge lover
More wearable art than loungewear, this kimono beats any hotel robe.

Natori “Opulent” robe,” $180 at Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave.

Dark crystal
These black agate teardrops with sterling-silver ear wires offer peaceful vibes for long-haul flights. 

“EJY120” earrings, $400 at Simon Alcantara