President Donald Trump on Tuesday aired a list of grievances as he appeared at the NATO summit in London.

In appearances with European leaders, the commander in chief ripped into Iran — while also fielding questions about climate change and Prince Andrew.


Trump charged that Iran was killing thousands of people for government protests and urged the world to pay more attention.

Disturbances in Iran began in mid-November over gasoline price hikes but quickly turned political, with demonstrators demanding the removal of the country’s leaders in the bloodiest anti-government protests since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

“Iran is killing perhaps thousands and thousands of people right now as we speak, that is why they cut off the Internet so people can’t see what is going on,” Trump said.

“Not just small numbers which are bad, big numbers which are really bad, and really big numbers.”

Climate change

The president insisted that the issue was very important to him — because of his experience as a builder.

“Climate change is very important to me. I’ve done many environmental impact statements over my life and I believe very strongly in very, very crystal clear, clean water and clean air. That’s a big part of climate change,” he declared.

Prince Andrew

Trump distanced himself from accused perv Prince Andrew, who was part of the president’s Westminster Abbey tour in June.

“I don’t know Prince Andrew, but it’s a tough story. It’s a very tough story. I don’t know him, no,” he said about allegations that Andrew had bedded underage women.

During his official state visit to the UK, Trump appeared in photographs with Andrew, who has been caught up in the Jeffrey Epstein underage sex scandal.