President Trump on Monday tweeted a meme showing former President Barack Obama squirming uncomfortably as he and a group of guys watch Joe Biden talking about kids jumping in his lap.

The video, a takeoff on an Allstate Insurance spot, portrays Obama and friends watching a sporting event when a Biden commercial comes on.

“Not another commercial,” they say.

The meme then shows a real clip of Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, on a TV screen talking about how kids used to rub his leg, while he was a lifeguard at a swimming pool, to watch his “hair come back up again.”

Donald Trump
President TrumpGetty Images

As Biden speaks, the guys in the room look at Obama with concern on their faces.

“I learned about kids jumping on my lap,” the former vice president says. “I love kids jumping on my lap.”

They turn again to Obama, who says, “What?”

Biden’s remarks are from a speech he gave in 2017 describing how he used to be a lifeguard.

The Allstate ad shows spokesman Dennis Haysbert watching a college basketball game with friends when one of his commercials for the insurance company airs.

Obama released a video last week endorsing Biden for president and criticizing Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.