Two hairstylists at the same Missouri salon tested positive for the coronavirus — and may have exposed as many as 147 people to the deadly bug, according to reports.

The Springfield-Greene Health Department reported Friday that a stylist at a Great Clips salon in Springfield tested positive to COVID-19 after potentially exposing 84 clients and seven co-workers between May 12 and May 20.

The second stylist tested positive on Saturday after working five days last week and taking care of 56 customers “while experiencing very mild symptoms” but still being “potentially infectious,” the health department said, Fox News reported Sunday.

Health officials said they are hopeful that, because the stylists and their customers all wore masks, none will actually contract the virus, and advised them to self-quarantine only if they developed symptoms.

“At this time, this is the only other positive result we have had from those tested as a result of the previous exposure,” the department said in a press release.

Health Department Director Clay Goddard told Fox News it was helpful that the salon kept detailed records of its customers.

“We are hopeful that their strictly enforced policy of masking will prevent any future spread from this case,” Goddard said. “They also kept detailed records that have made contact tracing a speedy process.”

Hair salons in Missouri were shuttered as non-essential businesses during a coronavirus lockdown. But they were allowed to reopen on May 4 as restrictions began to gradually ease in the state, the Kansas City Star reported.

The Great Clips salon was closed after the stylists tested positive and is now undergoing a thorough cleaning and sanitizing, the Star said.