A mob of Mexican villagers were so angry at their mayor that they tied him up and nearly dragged him out of town, dramatic new video shows.

Video posted to Twitter by the news outlet Tinta Fresca Chiapas shows a group of men pulling Jorge Luis Escandón Hernández, the mayor of the city of Las Margaritas in Chiapas state, out of his office and tying him to a pickup truck.

The men, all farmers, were irate that Escandón Hernández hadn’t fulfilled a campaign promise to repair a local road, the BBC reported.

Public officials in the municipality tried to stop them, according to the Mexican newspaper El Informador.

But it was too late — the truck started to drag the mayor down the streets of Santa Rita, a town in Las Margaritas, video posted by the outlet Tabasco Al Minuto shows.

Dozens of municipal police officers ultimately stopped the vehicle and rescued the mayor, according to the BBC. Several people were injured in scuffles between the farmers and police.

Eleven people were arrested, the outlet reported.

The mayor reportedly did not suffer any major injuries — and said he would press charges for abduction and attempted murder, according to the report.

It’s common for Mexican drug gangs to target mayors and local politicians when they refuse to cooperate with their criminal activities — but officials are seldom attacked for neglecting their campaign promises, the network reported.

Just four months ago, a group of men allegedly trashed Escandón Hernández’s office when they didn’t find him inside.

The mayor himself was arrested in the lead-up to the city’s election, on suspicion of brawling with a rival’s supporters, according to the report.

He was released due to a lack of evidence.