A Harvey Weinstein accuser is suing gossip site The Blast, claiming it breached a nondisclosure agreement and published her accusations of being raped by the producer — despite her explicit decision to not go through with the story.

Melissa Thompson claims in her Manhattan federal suit that, while she initially spoke to Blast reporters, she decided not to go through with publicizing her accusations out of fears for her personal safety.

Yet The Blast went ahead and posted the story along with her personal recording of a conversation with Weinstein anyway — in addition to passing along her confidential disclosures to attorneys for the embattled media mogul, the suit claims.

Thompson has accused Weinstein of raping her in the fall of 2011, following a caught-on-tape meeting in which he can be heard hitting on her while she tries to pitch him on her start-up digital marketing platform.

She’s suing the site for $100,000, citing the breach and NDA that she signed with The Blast saying it would not publish without her final OK.

The Blast did not immediately respond to a request for comment.