CLEVELAND — Beyond tweeting an apology and reading a statement, Marcus Morris also made phone calls to a few WNBA players — and MSG Network’s Rebecca Haarlow — the day after his “female tendencies” comments.

Haarlow, the Knicks’ sideline reporter, elicited Morris’ salty response in the locker room Wednesday when asking about the brawl with the Grizzlies.
Morris said Jae Crowder has, “A lot of female tendencies on the court. Flopping, throwing his head back the entire game. It’s a man’s game and you just get tired of it. He’s soft. That’s how he carries [himself]. It’s just very woman-like.”

Morris was fined $35,000 by the NBA and the Knicks released a statement deeming the remarks “unacceptable.’’

The controversy didn’t affect his play as Morris was terrific in Indiana on Saturday night, scoring 28 points — eight in the final three minutes. Morris said he’d rather keep his phone conversations private.

According to a source, Haarlow wasn’t offended because she knows Morris well enough and realized his aim was to rag on Crowder and not women athletes.