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Video shows a deer suddenly bursting through the window of a Long Island hair salon — a wild incident that left at least one client injured.

The antlered buck sent shards of glass flying when it suddenly leaped into the Hair Salon in Lake Ronkonkoma Saturday around 12:30 pm., according to footage posted by the business.

“Oh my God, oh my God,” shrieked a hairdresser who had been snipping a client’s hair.

A woman waiting on a white couch near the window had a mirror knocked out of her hand by the buck and shot up to get out of the animal’s way. She and the hairdresser then hid behind the front desk.

After some scrambling inside the salon, the deer eventually found its way out by crashing through the salon’s glass front door.

But the animal got tangled up in the cord of hair straightener and took the tool with it.

The woman who’d been sitting on the couch was hospitalized with injuries to her head and leg, News 12 Long Island reported.