There’s more than one reason to go to the airport in Wisconsin.

As residents of the state continue to practice social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, one airport decided to open an attraction that people could enjoy from inside of their cars. Locals can enjoy a drive-thru light show that reportedly uses more than 2 million lights.

The Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisc., had originally planned on opening the light show in May, but the coronavirus outbreak caused plans to change, KCRA reports. The attraction is free to residents and was originally intended to promote the airport. Officials said fewer people are traveling, which impacts the airport.

Dane County Regional Airport “Flight of Lights” display.
Dane County Regional Airport

Airport officials said that the attraction gives locals something to do so they can get out of their houses while also remaining safe. Since residents don’t have to leave their cars to experience the light show, they don’t have to risk being too close to each other.

Tributes to health care workers and first responders were also added to the show.

Since opening over the weekend, over 400 cars have reportedly driven through the show.

On the airport’s official website, it describes six separate displays as being part of the show. Aside from the tribute to the first responders and health care providers, the other displays are listed as “tropical vacation,” “spring is blooming,” “cheer on Wisconsin sports” and “fly non-stop.”

According to the website, the drive-thru will run nightly from 7:30 to 11:30 pm until May 10.