An Oklahoma woman was busted for allegedly stealing an entire building and trying to hawk it online, according to a report.

Vicki Treaster, 36, is accused of swiping a metal garage near Oklahoma City then posting an ad on Facebook Marketplace trying to offload it for $1,500, according to 

The owner of the structure told cops he was browsing the Craigslist-style local ad space, when he spotted a photo of his own building for sale.

The ad featured two people disassembling the garage, which he said was actually worth $6,000, according to the local outlet.

When questioned by cops, Treaster allegedly first lied about where she got the structure, and later claimed a friend gave it to her, the outlet reported.

But the “friend” — who turned out to be the victim’s brother — said he didn’t give her permission to take it.

Treaster was charged with one count of grand larceny and one count of unlawfully using a computer network to make money.

The report didn’t note when the structure was stolen, nor how big it was.

The ad no longer appeared on Facebook Marketplace Wednesday.