A woman busted in Queens has filed a class action suit against the city alleging that the Big Apple’s 77 police precinct houses don’t carry tampons and pads for female prisoners.

Jennifer Flores, 24, was on her period when she was collared for obstruction on Oct. 12, 2016, and says she was forced to bleed through her clothes while being held in a detention cell at the 108th Precinct in Queens.

According to her suit filed in Brooklyn federal court Friday, Flores asked officers for a replacement tampon or pad before cops told her they didn’t have one to spare.

After nearly 24 hours in detention, Flores said her underpants were “completely soiled with blood and her clothes were ruined,” according to the court documents.

Flores had to call her attorney to bring her pads six hours after she was put behind bars — her experience reflecting the NYPD’s “indifference to woman’s health,” she said.

The incident also reflected on the department’s “lack of training, educating and properly familiarizing officers – both superior and subordinate – as to the necessity of female feminine hygiene products for pre-arraigned detainees,” Flores argued.

The New York City Law Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.