A cheating wife organized a modern-day “medieval duel” between her husband and her lover — getting them to fight to the death to win her affection, according to a prosecutor.

Asta Juskauskiene, 35, was married to Giedruis Juskauskas, 42, but started an affair with Mantas Kvedaras, 25, after he was released from prison in Lithuania, Kingston Crown Court heard.

Kvedaras traveled to the UK to be with her — but her husband did not want a divorce, and they continued having a sexual relationship, according to testimony reported by Metro UK.

She brought the two together for what prosecutors called a “medieval duel” in East London in June — ending with the husband stabbed to death with at least 35 wounds to the neck, chest and shoulder, the paper said.

“This was not a fistfight that escalated: It was a murderous assault with a single-bladed knife with death as the inevitable outcome,” prosecutor Hugh Davies told the court, the report says.

“In their different ways, each man felt that they had claims over Asta Juskauskiene. The situation was inevitably going to come to a head.”

The scene of a fatal stabbing in east London.

Kvedaras has admitted to the murder that prosecutors say was orchestrated by his married lover.

“The prosecution case is that she is a manipulative and controlling figure central to the orchestration of these events,” Davies told the court, according to Metro.

After the murder, Juskauskiene “harbored” Kvedaras, deleting messages between them and lying to police, the court heard.

Juskauskiene denies conspiracy to murder and perverting the course of justice. Her trial continues.